Demre Kekova Myra Tour From Alanya

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General İnformation About Demre Kekova Myra Tour From Alanya

Demre Kekova Myra Tour From Alanya 2Demre Myra and Kekova tour is one of the most extraordinary cultural tours you can join in Alanya. Within the scope of the tour, you will visit kekova sunken city, the famous Lycian rock tombs, the Myra ancient city, Myra ancient theatre and Saint Nicholas church (Santa Claus). We will also have a fun boat tour around the island of Kekova.

The boat is a large two-deck excursion boat. The boat tour takes 2 hours. Swimming breaks are given during the boat ride. We also stop at various bays during the boat trip so that you can take pictures of the surrounding nature and historical places. The view of Kekova island and the sunken city from the boat is very impressive.

Now let’s examine the places we will visit on this tour one by one.

Places to Visit on Demre Myra Kekova Tour

Many buildings in the city, which was built around the Demre river, have been destroyed by the alluvium that the river has carried for centuries. It is an important place for the religion of Christianity, as it is the place where St. Nicholas was the bishop. In addition, the rock tombs of the Lycian period are among the places to visit.

Below, we describe in detail the places we will visit within the scope of the Demre Myra Kekova Tour from Alanya.

Myra Ancient City
Sarcophagi in the Myra ancient city
Sarcophagi in the Myra ancient city

There are many historical and religious places you can visit in the ancient city. There are statues and busts made for goddesses in the Roman period, acropolis, necropolis, city walls, baths and streets in the city.

Myra Ancient Theater
Myra Ancient Theater
Myra Ancient Theater

It was built during the Lycian period. The theater, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 141 AD, was repaired during the Roman period. The theater has remained intact to this day. The first two floors of the theater scene is still intact.

It was used both as a theater and an arena during the Roman era. The theater has a capacity of 10,000 people. There are 35 consecutive rows of seats. It is one of the most magnificent theaters of the era.

Lycian Rock Tombs
Lycian Rock Tombs
Lycian Rock Tombs

The Lycian civilization lived an isolated life compared to other civilizations. They were very sensitive about freedom and independence. They have always fought against invasions. They use their own language and their own money. So much so that it was the last state that the Roman Empire took under its protection in Anatolia.

In the Lycian period, people believed in life after death. They would leave various items and valuable gifts on the grave of the deceased to use after death. Their tombs were built imposing and ostentatious in order to carry the power of the deceased to the other world.

The geological structure of Demre is composed of soft limestone, allowing the rocks to be easily processed. Stonework quality in the Lycian rock tombs was at a very advanced. The tomb architectures consist of two column forms and the architrave and triangular pediment on it. There are mythological figures on the tomb reliefs. Figures such as Bellerophon, Chimaira and Pegasos are depicted in many tombs.

Kekova Island Boat Tour
Kekova seaport entrance
Kekova seaport entrance

It is the largest uninhabited island of Turkey. There are ruins from the Hellenistic period on the island. Many buildings were destroyed by the earthquake. Dolichiste ancient city is on this island. The ancient Byzantine church and the shipyard bay on the island are still intact. It is thought that ships were built in the harbor in the shipyard bay in the past.

Nature, scenery and historical artifacts on the island make Kekova island worth seeing. There are several restaurants and boutique hotels on the island.

Kekova Sunken City(Dolichiste) Excursion by Boat
Underwater in the sunken city
Underwater in the sunken city

The dent between the island of Kekova and the land was caused by an earthquake in the 2nd century AD. Deprem yüzünden kara olduğu gibi alçalmıştır. The earthquake caused the land to descend suddenly. That’s why the structures remained intact.

In the west of the island, the submerged shops are still intact. In addition, many sarcophagi under water can be seen from the boat.

You can snorkel in some parts of the sunken city.

Church of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus)
St. Nicholas church murals
St. Nicholas church murals

Saint Nicholas lived in Demre in the 4th century AD during the Roman period. He is one of the first bishops of the early Christian period. He is one of the most important figures of the Orthodox church Because of St. Nicholas performed various miracles he gets nickname as “wonderworker”.

He has helped the poor and innocent throughout his life. He protected children and rescued sailors. He took care of scientists and acted as their protectors. He gives information about the Future and finds lost items. He has been famous as Santa Claus since 1823 for his miraculous help.

About 200 years after his death, the church of St. Nicholas was built by Theodosius II. Miracles believed to have been performed by St. Nicholas are depicted on the walls of the church.

This church was built on the church where St. Nicholas was bishop in the past. Valuable items in the old church were moved to a sarcophagus.

Why is St. Nicholas called Santa Claus?
The difference between St. Nicholas and Santa Claus
The difference between St. Nicholas and Santa Claus

St. Nicholas’ stories have been passed down for centuries. The most well-known of these stories is St. Nicholas’ handing out bags of coins to the poor and children. He would leave bags full of coins and various gifts in the chimneys of the houses. In the following years, he made it a tradition and started to repeat it every year.

The Santa Claus name called first time in 1931 when the Coca-Cola company, which sponsored the “Winter Day” celebrations in America, called St. Nicholas as “Santa Claus”. In the advertising campaign, St. Nicholas was said to be the inventor of Coca-Cola. The fact that Coca-Cola is a global brand has enabled the whole world to recognize St. Nicholas as Santa Claus.

In reality, St. Nicholas is a serious-looking and godly religious man. He is depicted in red clothing due to Coca-Cola’s red corporate colors. He is also depicted as smiling and overweight to make people appear more cute and fatherly.

Also, it never snowed where St. Nicholas lived, and he never rode a reindeer sleigh.

Myra Ancient City History

Myra is an ancient Lycian city. It was one of the largest metropolises of the Lycian union.

Coins and inscriptions found in archaeological excavations show that the city existed in the 5th century BC. The Lycian rich had many structures built around the city. After the 2nd century, the importance of the city increased even more and became the capital of Lycian.

In the following years, the city passed under the patronage of the Roman Empire. This city, which was strong politically and commercially during the Lycian period, was used mostly for religious rituals in the Roman period. City structures and ancient theaters damaged by floods and earthquakes were repaired by the Romans. In addition, after the death of St. Nicholas, a large church was built in the city for him.


  • Transportation
  • Professional guide
  • Lunch
  • Boat tour ticket
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks

Tour Plan

Program of Demre Kekova Myra Tour From Alanya
  • Pick up from your hotel.
  • Breakfast break in Demre.
  • Myra Ancient City and Ancient Theater visit.
  • Lycian Rock Tombs visit.
  • Metropolitan church visit.
  • Visit to the Church of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus).
  • Lunch break.
  • 2 hours boat tour.
  • Kekova sunken city trip.
  • Kekova island visit.
  • Swimming break in Gökkaya bay.
  • Taking photo on the beach of the Simena ancient City.
  • Return to Alanya


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