Alanya attracts attention not only with its beaches and historical places, but also with its natural beauties. In this blog post, we will introduce the natural wonders of Alanya waiting to be discovered.

Dim Stream: The Magic of Cool Waters

Dim Stream is a perfect natural escape to cool off on Alanya’s hot summer days. Picnic areas and restaurants along the stream offer visitors the opportunity to explore natural beauties and enjoy delicious food.

Sapadere Canyon: Nature’s Secret Paradise

Sapadere Canyon is another of Alanya’s natural beauties. Equipped with walking paths and wooden bridges, this canyon offers visitors impressive views and an experience in touch with nature.

Botanical Gardens of Alanya: Colorful Flowers and Rare Plants

The botanical gardens around Alanya are full of various plant species and colorful flowers. These gardens are treasures waiting to be discovered for nature lovers.

Taurus Mountains: Hiking and Outdoor Sports

Taurus Mountains, which adorn the background of Alanya, offer a perfect environment for hiking and nature sports. It is possible to explore the magnificent views of Alanya from the peaks of the mountains.

Result: Alanya Meeting Nature

Alanya offers unforgettable experiences to visitors with its natural beauties. From Dim Stream to Sapadere Canyon, from botanical gardens to Taurus Mountains, the natural wonders of Alanya are waiting to be discovered.